Since the development of the first silicone rubber flexible heaters to support NASA's Apollo Space Mission during the 1960's O&M Heaters has refined and expanded the custom design and manufacture of flexible heaters.

O&M holds an international patent on its proprietary process for customizing silicone rubber flexible heaters engineered from fiberglass cloth calendared with silicone rubber and nickel alloy elements.

With O&M's innovative process, flexible heaters can be made in virtually infinite configurations, size and shapes-with or without perforrations-for a perfect fit with precise temperature control. The greatest advantage of this process is that it allows manufacturing of any quantity of heaters, from a single unit to mass production. This unique capability is not available through any other manufacture in North America.


Established in : Nov, 1980
Incorporated in : Apr, 1986
Capital : 20,000,000yen
Directors :
PresidentYasuhiro Maruyama
Managing Director Ryo Kato
No. of Employees : 25
Products : Silicone Rubber Heater (Patents No.1402857,1509253)
Appliance and Material Control
Drum Heater
MG Magnetic Heater
E-type Etched Element Heater
Self-Heating Rubber Hose
P&F Heater
Products on Sale :
Cartridge HeaterCasting Heater
Band/Plate HeaterInfrared Heater
Major Facilities :
Automatic Pattern Design Machines2
100ton hydraulic thermal presses8
Electric Testing System1
Thermo viewer1
Plasma cleaner1
Certification : Qualified factory with Electric
ISO9001 : ISO14000 : AS9100
Major Customers :
JFE Steel CorporationHitachi Medical Corporation
Sharp CorporationShimazu Seisakusho, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.Canon Inc.
Showa Denko K.K.J. Morita Corporation
Brother Industries, Ltd.Fenwal Controls of Japan, Ltd.
Nippon Steel CorporationPanasonic Corporation
Shinko Electric Co.,Ltd.Ebara Corporation
Konica Minolta Techno Product CorporationFuji heavy industries, Ltd.
Kawasaki heavy industries, Ltd.
Major Supplies :
Rogers corporationThe Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.
Nipon Metal Co.,Ltd.KURABE Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Line Banks :
Hirabari Branch of Nagoya BankUeda Branch of Gifu Shinkin BankShimada Branch of Chukyo Bank
lmaike Branch of Risona BankShimada Branch of Aichi Bank


November 1980 We began making and selling molded silicone rubber for electric lnsulation.
April 1986 O&M Co.,Ltd.,was incorporated.
September 1987 We received a manufacturing patent for Silicone Rubber Heaters, No. 1402857.
October 1987 Osaka office was established.
April 1989 Tokyo office was established.
July 1989 We acquired a manufacturing patent for Silicone Rubber Heaters, Patent#1509253.
May 1990 We established licensed manufacturing and sales facilities in Taiwan.
August 1991 We established licensed manufacturing and sales facilities in Korea.
October 1992 Head office and factory moved to the new location.
April 1995 O&M HEATER was established.
July 1997 Tokyo office moved to the present location.
We established relations with the Hotset company in Germany.
We established relations with the Electricfor company Spain.
November 1999 Head office and factory moved to the present location.
March 2001 ISO 9001 Recognition BVQ / UKAS
ISO 9001 1994 ISO Conformity Certificate No. 78962.
January 2003 O&M HEATER USA, lnc. was established.
January 2005 We established licensed manufacturing and sales facilities in China.
February 2005 England-London O&M HEATER EUROPE was established.
May 2005 O&M HEATER USA, lnc. moved to New York.
August 2005 ISO 14001 Recognition BVQ / UKAS
ISO 14001 2004 ISO Conformity Certificate No. 175106.
April 2006 20th anniversary of establishment.
February 2007 Tokushige Factory was established.
March 2007 AS9100 Recognition.
December 2007 Sony Green Partner Certification for products to Sony with the guidance of Nihon Denkei.
February 2008 Chairman Akiyoshi Masuda received the 25th Kakichi Nagai Award.
December 2009 Osaka Office moved to the present location.