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Power efficiency improved by 18%-20% (compared to our products)

Heat Insulation Cover

for Drum Heater

The cover reduces power loss by limiting heat radiation.
Custom-made heaters designed for various applications including steel drums are available, with the minimum order of one piece.
The cover is safe and environment-friendly. Moreover, installation to heat treatment equipment or easily heated devices can save air conditioning cost.
We provide different materials for different temperature ranges.
Contact our marketing division for details.
With insulative, cotton-like mass of ceramic fiber sandwiched between the heat-reflecting cloth, this cover has high performance of insulation and heat resistance.


Exterior Hi Coat Cloth(Max 200°C).
Heatproof silicone coated on the glass fiber cloth.
Insulation Needle Mat (CeramicFiber)(Max 400°C)
String used Aramid Fibers(Max 200°C)
Installation hook-and-loop fastener

Test on drum temperature