OTHER PRODUCTS Self-adhesive Silicone Rubber Tape

Self-adhesive Silicone Rubber Tape

This silicone rubber tape, manufactured by Rogers, is resistant to extreme temperatures (-50 to 200°C [-58°F to 392°F]) , humidity, extreme weather, ozone, corona, and many other conditions.
It also has a good electric resistance, making it an excellent insulator.
When wrapped tightly, the tape will form a single layer after 24 hours at room temperature, or 4 hours at 180°C [356°F].


  • Melting process: Will fuse to form a single layer after 24 hours at room temperature or 4 hours at 180°C[356°F]
  • High heat resistance: Can survive 1000 hour exposure at 200°C [392°F] or 4 hour exposure at 180°C [356°F] , and can therefore function almost indefinitely
  • Water absorption: Less than 3% after 48 hours immersion (complied with MIL-1-4682)


  • Insulation for cable terminals
  • Insulation for high-temperature dry transformers
  • Insulation for motor vehicle parts
  • Insulation for repairing electric appliances
  • Attachment of silicone rubber heaters
  • Emergency tape


Tested Items Measurement Measuring Method
Thickness 0.31mm In accordance with JIS.
Breakdown 13.0KV In accordance with JIS.
Tensile Load 5.5kg In accordance with JIS.
Elongation 600% In accordance with JIS.
Elongation after Heat Exposure 330% 260°C×100Hr
Power needed to tear off after fusion 4kg 200°C×24Hours
Heating Loss 5% 200°C×24Hours
Volume Resistivity 3×1014Ω/cm ASTMD1458

*All figures are measured values, not guaranteed ones.


Item Number Color Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(m)
TOM319R Red 0.3 19 15
TOM325R Red 0.3 25 15
TOM325B Brown 0.3 25 15

*Release Liner is 3mm wider than the tape to work efficiently.