Hot Bonder OT-10 II

User Interface 12" touch panels.

Vacuum sensor-equipped controller OT-10II provides optimal electrical heater performance and realizes a desired temperature. Moreover, this controller has many functions including monitoring, recording and alarming, with high cost-effective performance.


  1. Equipped with two heater outlets and settings for up to twenty sensors, this bonder calculates an average temperature of multiple sensors to reflect on the control, providing minimum temperature fluctuation.
    • Dual control system can minimize fluctuation beyond the heater capacity.
  2. Functions to pursue user-friendliness
    • Records are made step by step on the rolled paper, which are saved in HDD. The data can be extracted to USB thumb drive.
    • Operating range can be set in accordance with user level.
    • Inputs and settings are easy through touch panels.
    • The battery installed in the PC retains power for recording for about ten minutes during power outage.
    • Settings can be changed when a program is running.
  3. Excellent design function as a factory tool
    • The plastic case is robust and tight, and excellent in design. (other colors are available)
    • Easy to carry around
    • Easy maintenance