What is the Silicone Rubber Heater?

1 Silicone rubber heaters are flexible, thin and flat, and can be used in many situations where metal heaters cannot be used
Consists of two sheets of calendered silicone rubber and fiberglass fabric.The silicone rubber sheet is capable of resisting wide range of temperature from -50 to 250°C [-58°F to 482°F].
Possesses high thermal response due to low thickness, with a standard thickness of 1.5mm.
Can easily be fit on cylinders, cones, and various curved surfaces because of its high flexibility.
Uses safer nickel-alloy wire elements, unlike carbon element heaters.
2 Silicone rubber heaters can be designed in any shape desired
Can be made into any shape, from a triangle to a torus, and can be designed with holes or other perforations, unlike carbon element heaters.
Our internationally patented process allows us to custom design even a single heater.
3 We can design heaters for almost any situation you can imagine
Our heaters have been used in a wide variety of industries and facilities.
Thin, flexible heaters offer a simple solution to problems of weight reduction and miniaturization.
*A thermal controller is necessary, since the heating surface is capable of quick heating, but lacks inherent temperature control.
4 The Standard Type, E-type, and MG-type can be used continuously and semi-permanently at 200°C [392°F]
Can easily be adhered to the heated object.
Up to 100°C[212°F]- Double sided adhesive tapes.
100-150°C[212-302°F]- Silicone Adhesives (RTV)
We recommend our fusion process for continuous use at temperatures above 150°C [302°F].
5 The H-type can be used continuously at 300°C [572°F]
We stock 300°C heat resistant adhesives KE3418RTV(B) manufactured by Shin-Etsu Chemical.